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Stray Feathers EP

Released: 04-04-2011
Label: Addictech Records

Track Listing:

1. Paradise
2. Stargazer
3. Hellamental ft. Peek
4. Walkabout


The latest Addictech Records release uncovers shining gems from the vault of Torin Goodnight, a.k.a. Bird of Prey!

The genre warping tracks that form the Stray Feathers EP are some of the first vibrations that Torin created with the inspiration for his Bird of Prey project. Upon hearing them in his live sets, we felt the need to get them out to the masses to enjoy something truly original that follows no trends. They serve as wonderful foreshadowing to a new sound of “dubstep” that has emerged from Torin’s studio, completely unique and progressive. He executes his intentions wonderfully and brings us “Music to Expand the Heart and Blow the Mind”

Deep and organic, psychedelic layers glide atop thick immaculate basslines. Archaic chants blend impeccably with futuristic production. These initial tunes motivated him to forge a new path in psychedelic bass music, and we are more than happy to do what we can to help spread the word.

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2 Responses to “Stray Feathers EP”

  1. Frank:

    Where can I buy your tracks. Only find one Track on iTunes ;(

    • Bird of Prey:

      Hey Frank, I have four EP’s available on iTunes (Stray Feathers, Dreamcatcher, SubTropic, and Atrium). Just look up Bird of Prey and they show up at the top. =) My music is also available at Beatport, Addictech, and many other online purchase sites. I’ll have a new release up July 11th that will be available exclusively at Addictech for the first month of it’s release, and then on to the other sites.

      Thanks for your interest and support!

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